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Spending a semester abroad is one of the best things you can do in your life. You’ll see and do a lot of new, fun things and you’ll make friends from all over the world. The ‘abroad experience’ is different in every country and in every city. Nonetheless, there are always a few very recognizable types of international students you come across with. Have you met one of them already?

1. The ultimate traveller

It seems like this international student has seen the whole world already. It’s probably not their first time spending a semester abroad and they’re very well prepared. In addition, they’re always down to go on a trip to another city or a neighbouring country. With the Lonely Planet or another travel guide in their bag, they can always tell you where to go and how to get there. If you follow this type of international student around, you’ll sure get to see some really nice places!

2. The lazy one

This students treats his time abroad like one big holiday. They don’t go to their classes, you’ll never see them in the library and they always sleep in. When you run in to them at the supermarket, they’ll be wearing their sweat suit (and no, not because they just went for a run). Sometimes, this student joins one of the many fun activities you’ll experience during your time abroad, but mostly, they’ll just be in bed.

3. The homesick one

There’s always one student who misses their home. It’s not that they’re not enjoying themselves at all, but they just miss their friends, family and familiar environment. As a result, they’ll probably hang out a lot with students who come from the same place. Which is a shame, because then they’re not really living the abroad experience. So when you come across this type of international student, make them feel comfortable! Be kind to them and try to distract them from missing their home.

4. The YOLO one

This one is not to be confused with the lazy one. Just like the lazy one, they’re probably not going to most of their classes, but when it comes to taking everything else out of the abroad experience, they’re not lazy at all. Every night, you’ll see this student at a party. Every time you all got a few days off, the YOLO student will be on a trip or at a festival. If you hang out with this type of international student, you’ll never be bored!

5. The friends forever 

And last but not least, we should not forget about the other international students that stays your friend after you go back home. You skyped with your friends from back home while you were abroad, and you’ll skype with your international buddies when you’re back home. Unfortunately, there is a chance that your international friends live far away. Therefore, it might take a while before you meet them again. But don’t worry, because when you finally do, it will just feel like old times.

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