We all want to have a good time when goin’ to a new environment, right? While that may seem hard these days with covid goin’ on, one group has an even harder time: international students. The Dutch Newspaper AD highlighted how students are experiencing the academic year at their universities, and the results are shocking!

According to new research, done by Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg (ISO), de Landelijke Studentenvakbond (LSVb) and ESN The Netherlands, international students are incredibly impacted. More than half of the students have serious feelings of stress, loneliness and psychological problems. Almost 25% of the students barely had any feelings of satisfaction during the current academic year. Those are some deeply troubling statistics. If that’s not bad enough, more than 65% of students questioned experienced severe stress.  Half of the students alone feel ‘very irritated’. According to these organizations and their staggering data, international students cannot be neglected anymore. Help is needed now more than ever.

The Solution
Although the results are shocking, that should give us even more motivation to tackle these problems! Two and a half years ago, Goin’ did similar research amongst 150 international students at Utrecht University. Even before covid, the results were concerning and reason enough to act. Every year students struggle to adjust into their new environment. A new study, a new house, a new city, a new country and all sort of deadlines. Our research highlighted a simple solution: social contact before arrival. A solution that is also supported by numerous researchers, but universities often struggle with facilitating these connections. Although universities already invest a lot in student wellbeing, we have seen that universities could use some help from a low effort solution with a high social impact. Students deserve a central and social solution where all current initiatives can come together. For that reason, Goin’ provides the best social student onboarding experience possible to International Offices and Student Service departments at Universities.  

The Way
By giving students access to each other prior to arrival, we have seen at numerous universities that students experience less stress, less loneliness, more integration and the ability to resourcefully fix all practicalities together. For universities this means higher student well-being, more retention and higher rates of admittance. Combining such a platform with existing initiatives (e.g. from local ESN’s, university events etc.) could create magic!

So, there is hope! We know that universities need their own results and evidence to start with a new solution. That’s why we launched Goin’ Exchange Lite – A low boundary, zero effort solution to get to see how student wellbeing can be directly increased. We are proud that Goin’ will be used by more than 50 universities this summer, including: University of Cyprus, Utrecht University, Freie Universitiät Berlin, University of Antwerp, HAN, MCI University of Innsbruck and many others. Do you want to act? Our plug-and-play solution is available for any university in the world. Reach out to have a chat via info@goinconnect.com.