On 29 April 2021 more than 1000 universities in Europe learned more about the Erasmus+ App during the Erasmus Goes Digital Webinar #1 I “Meet the Erasmus+ App!”. The main goal of the Erasmus+ App is to provide easy access to information and services to substantially improve the quality of the Erasmus+ mobility experience. The application provides a central place with links to information or services on external pages or platforms such as the universities website, Youtube channel or Goin’ Connect platform.

The Erasmus+ App has three main features intended to support Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in managing student mobility. Higher education institutions have a key role to play and will have several points of interaction with the App to communicate with their students.

  • Feature#1 – The public feed: this shows deals, events and links to external information. This information is managed by each University as a way to communicate with Erasmus+ students on a central point. This public feed is an ideal place to inform students about how to find and connect with other students going to the same university. External links and integrations to applications such as Goin’ are supported in this feature.
  • Feature#2 – Complementing mobility journey pages with HEI specific information. The Mobility Journey pages guide the student through all phases of mobility: before, during and after. The university can tailor the Mobility Journey pages to include a detailed step-by-step checklist with additional information and guidance.
  • Feature#3 – Status updates & Notifications to the students. A perfect way to inform and remind students in a practical manner. Students will receive notifications on their mobile phone and are directly informed about important updates.

Eramus+app: A central place to communicate with students and direct them to the right information. But, students require more than information. Students need and highly desire access to each other. By giving students access to each other prior to arrival, we have seen at numerous universities that students experience less stress, less loneliness, more integration and the ability to resourcefully fix all practicalities together. For universities this means higher student well-being, more retention and higher rates of admittance. Combining such a platform with existing initiatives (e.g. from local ESN’s, university events, and the Erasmus+ app) could create magic!

We are proud that Goin’ will be used by more than 50 universities this summer, including: University of Copenhagen, Utrecht University, Freie Universitiät Berlin, University of Antwerp, MCI University of Innsbruck, University of Cyprus, and many others. Do you want to act? Our plug-and-play solution is available for any university in the world. Reach out to have a chat via info@goinconnect.com.