Hasselt, May 2021: Great news! PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts will be joining Goin’ as of summer 2021, to help its new incoming students build their community even before arrival!

About the university

PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts professionalises people and organisations and contributes to welfare and well-being. By intertwining education, research, provision of services and the practice of the arts, PXL allows its students, contributors and organisations to develop into excellent professionals.

Our partnership

Goin’ would like to assist PXL University of Applied Sciences to welcome its students in the best way possible before they start their academic journey. A first step to do so, is whenthe university will launch Goin’ in summer 2021, to improve conversion and retention rates at the university, while new incoming students will be building their network – even before arrival!

Interested in how Goin’ can improve student well-being, retention and conversion rates at your university? We are always open for a (virtual) cup of coffee, email us at info@goinconnect.com to book a demo.