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A plug-and-play solution for student well-being, retention
and conversion.

Increase student well-being

71,4 % of the Goin’ users says that their stress level reduced by using Goin’. Social connections reduce the stress and insecurity that comes with starting in a new environment.

Increase retention rates

Research shows that the chance on a drop-out is reduced by 28% if students have a social network in their city of residence. Moreover, a student with social connections is 90% more likely to stay.

Increase conversion

Get grip on your students directly with Goin’. By including admitted students directly to your community, we increase the conversion from admitted to enrolled students.

Increase internationalization

By reducing the social distance for (international) students, Goin’ makes your university more accessible for international students while the international reputation increases.

Increase word-of-mouth marketing

With Goin’, students are already part of your university when still in their home country. This results in very strong positive word-of-mouth leading to the attraction of more international students. 95,2 % of Goin’ users would recommend Goin’ to their home-town university.

Be more attractive to new students

Let students choose for your university by comforting them with social connections right away. 76,2% of the Goin’ users say that they are more likely to choose a university when the university has a Goin’ community.

How badly do you want your students to feel welcome?

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What your students will gain from Goin’

Less stress

71,4% of the Goin’ users expressed that using Goin’ reduced their stress level. 81% said that they feel less nervous about their upcoming move abroad. Social connections established before arrival reduce the stress that comes with moving abroad. Fix to-do’s quickly and together! Goin’ provides you with the ability to find and connect with others before arrival. So, you’re not on your own, with Goin’.

More connections

95,2% of the Goin’ users said that Goin’ helped them to find and make friends before arrival. Directly connected! Goin’ enables you to find students who are also Goin’. Find future classmates, people with common interests or students from your home country.

More fun!

85,7% of the Goin’ users says that they become more excited about their upcoming move by using Goin’. An extremely easy way to find and connect with others to get more fun out of your period abroad. Join groups, events and connect with your future classmates.

Find other internationals!

Make friends, have fun and fix things together. Download the Goin' app in the Appstore or get it on Google Play.

Find other internationals!

Some features

You're not on your own with Goin'. Make friends, have fun & fix things together.

Connect & Chat

Connect & Chat

Easily connect with other students before arrival. Quickly filter through the profiles to find students from the same country or same study. Via our chat function you can interact directly.

Make friends!


Groups can be created to find like-minded people. Join the group of your study or your favorite sport and don’t miss any interaction or event!

Have fun!
Arrival guide & Events

Arrival guide & Events

Don’t miss any information and fix your things together with other students. Everything you need to know and want to know bundled in one arrival guide. Easily fix to-do’s and read about nice-to-do’s and give a kickstart to your trip!

Fix things together!